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Publishing Your site with Frontpage

November 5th 2006 in Artikel

When you first startup frontpage you will have a window open similiar to the one shown below.

– Make sure your website is open, For this guide we will be using a very simply page that just says the words “example”
– Your homepage needs to be named “index.htm” or “index.html” to properly display. The name MUST be in all lower case letters as this is very case sensitive.

1. Now to begin publishing you just goto File > and choose “Publish Site…” as shown below

2. You will want to have the first option selected “FrontPage Server Extensions or SharePoint Services” In the
blank you will put your domain name. Our domain name being used is

Note: DO NOT check the box for “Encrypted connection required (SSL)”

3. Click next to bring up the login window. You simply use your main cpanels username and password listed in your welcome email then click “OK”

4. After connecting you will be brought back to the main screen. Click on the “Web Site” Tab. From here you are simply going to click the button labeled “Publish Web Site” located on the bottom of the program making sure the option “Local to Remote” is selected.

5. Everything should now be published. You will see all your files on both the left and the right side as shown below.

Download Versi file PDF


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