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Thunderbird Mail Setting up an email account

October 5th 2006 in Artikel

1. First,

of course is to open the thunderbird email client. You should now be at its starting page that appears something similiar to the image.

Before you doing this step, you must have thunderbird installed in your system. Download Thunderbird on Mozilla sites

2. We are now going to click on tools > and select “Account Settings… “.

3. Your going to choose “Add Account ”

4. On the next screen you will want to choose the option that says “Email acocunt ” then click “Next”

5. You will then fill out all the information corresponding to your email account. The info will go as follows
Your Name:
This is simply what people will see the email is from. Most people just put their full name here.
Email Address
The email address you are setting this up for

6. You can choose POP or IMAP here. If you don’t know the difference you will want to just keep this on the “POP”. As for the “incoming mail server setting” This will always be (replace ‘’ with the actual domain name you are setting up.)

7. Clicking Next will bring you to this screen. Your username is always going to be the full email address you are using. So the “Email Address” field and the “User Name” field should be the same.

8. Now just click :”Next” , “Next” again, and “Finish.” Until you get back to this screen.

9. Just click “OK” and enjoy your email account.


1. Can not sent email, authentic smtp server failed.

Clik Menu Tools – Account setting.
In Dialog Account setting, click Outgoing Server (SMTP),
Choose your mail server problem on right columns and click Edit.

Checked Use Name and Password and input your username.

2. Messages Reject because is Blacklist (IP known as spam)

Please contact your ISP to fix this problem or delete yourself IP from spam server.

Download Versi file PDF


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An unknown error has occurred account xxxxxxxxxxx server aaa.bbbb.ccc, Protocol: POP3 port 110 secure(SSL): No Socket Error: , Error Number 0x80004005

Remedial Action :
Check to see if firewalls are disabled on newly installed proxy servers. Check to see if outgoing works using a dialup instead of your broadband.


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1. Click [Tools] from the top menu. Then, select [Accounts] from the drop down menu.

2. Click [Add] from the side menu. Then, select [Mail] from the drop down menu.

3. Enter your name in the Display Name text field. This is simply what people will see the email is from. Most people just […]

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